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Best Wireless Gaming Mouses in 2023

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The finest wireless gaming mice offer more features than just the freedom to play your favorite games. The greatest options available will provide you the most enjoyable gaming experience because to their comfort, programmable buttons, accurate tracking, and long-lasting batteries. The advancements in wireless gaming mouse technology have been rapid as well. That indicates that they are not only competitive with wired models, but that they are also becoming lighter and cheaper with each new generation.

Nowadays, many of the top gaming mice available are wireless, allowing users to avoid cable drag and benefit from neater settings. The implication is that there are a lot of wireless rodents on the battlefield right now, and we’ve got our hands full of them.

Here, we’ve compiled all the top wireless gaming mouse solutions we could find. We’re not just giving you the finest of the best, though. You may make your money work as hard for you as possible by following the guidelines found across the whole budget range. Even less expensive pointers can give you a significant advantage when used in conjunction with the best gaming keyboard.

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#1 Wireless Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

 Wireless Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

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A fantastic illustration of how good wireless gaming mice can be is the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless. It has a TrueMove 3+ Dual sensor with a maximum DPI of 26,000 and support for report rates as quick as 0.5 milliseconds. With a 90-hour battery life, you’ll only seldom need to refuel this dependable rodent, and doing so is simple thanks to a USB-C connector located at the mouse’s top.

It’s astonishingly light for a wireless mouse at just 79g, so you shouldn’t ever feel burdened by Corsair’s clicker. Furthermore, it fits most hand sizes and grip patterns perfectly and is incredibly comfortable. Additionally, the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless’s six programmable buttons or RGB may be easily customized thanks to Corsair iCue, which is among the best peripheral software available. Despite being marketed as an FPS/MOBA mouse, we believe it to be nearly ideal for all games.

#2 Basilisk X Hyperspeed by Razer

 Basilisk X Hyperspeed by Razer

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Want a mouse you can charge once a month and completely forget about? The Basilisk X Hyperspeed from Razer offers the best battery life of any gaming mouse, lasting up to 450 hours on regular Bluetooth or 285 hours in low-latency performance mode, but the latter will cause lag in competitive games that you’ll want to avoid. If you use the mouse for nine hours a day, giving up RGB lighting is a tiny price to pay for a single monthly charge.

It has a mechanical click switch with a 50 million click lifespan and Razer’s proprietary 5G optical sensor with up to 16,000 dpi for precision movement in shooters like Fortnite. The USB dongle conveniently fits within the mouse and weighs only 83g, so it’s the ideal travel companion for your best gaming laptop as well.

#3 Viper Ultimate by Razer

 Viper Ultimate by Razer

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We recommend Razer’s Viper Ultimate if you mostly play competitive first-person shooter games and want to go cordless. With Razer’s Focus+ 20K optical sensor giving 20,000dpi and its exceptionally low weight of 74g, which is very low for a wireless gaming mouse, the mouse is ideal for quick and accurate flick shots in CS:GO.

You won’t need to charge it very often because it has a battery life of up to 70 hours, but when you do, it sits comfortably on the charging dock that comes with it, so there’s no need to fiddle with attempting to plug and remove cables. Fast-acting optical click switches are necessary for competitive gaming, and the RGB lighting may be customized for added flare.

#4 G305 Lightspeed from Logitech

 G305 Lightspeed from Logitech

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Avoid “gaming” mice when looking for something a little less expensive because they frequently have no significant advantages over conventional mice. The Logitech G305 keeps costs low and, while not having the most elegant appearance on this list, it nevertheless offers excellent gaming capabilities. The Logitech HERO optical sensor, which is also shown here, is similar to the G502 Lightspeed, which is now our favorite mouse. It is rated at 12,000 dpi, which isn’t far behind some of the more costly mice on this list.

The fact that it uses an AA battery inside rather than a rechargeable pack inside has less of an impact because it also has some of the finest battery performance on this list (250 hours). However, it keeps the price down at least, and you won’t have to worry about battery problems in a few years. With a response time of just 1ms, the bundled USB dongle features Logitech’s Lightspeed technology.

#5 MM731 for Cooler Master

 MM731 for Cooler Master

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The MM731 proves that Cooler Master is more versatile than just coolers, despite the fact that coolers are its specialty. The MM731 gaming mouse, which weighs 59g, is one of the lightest mice we’ve tried, but it also has optical microswitches, a maximum DPI of 19,000, and tasteful RGB lighting so it won’t stand out at the office.

When it comes to connectivity, the Cooler Master MM731 is equally flexible because you can cut the cord with 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth or play and charge with USB. Even though it is loaded with features, this gaming mouse is nonetheless reasonably priced, especially when compared to competing competitors.

#6 G903 Lightspeed from Logitech

 G903 Lightspeed from Logitech

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Yes, another Logitech mouse is present here; give credit where due. The G903 is your best option if you’re seeking for the best ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse. Similar to the G502, it has a bright HERO 25K sensor, RGB illumination, and movable weights that allow you to increase the weight from 107g to 117g.

Its battery life is more than double that of the G502 and may last up to 180 hours with the RGB lighting is turned off. It is also compatible with Logitech’s wireless charging Powerplay mouse pad.

#7 Naga Razer Pro

 Naga Razer Pro

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The Razer Naga Pro wireless mouse is the ideal wireless companion if you’re seeking for a cordless mouse for playing the top MMOs. Its modular side-plate, which enables you to choose between two, six, or 12 buttons for a total of up to 20 programmable buttons, makes it suitable for both MOBAs and FPS games.

It weights a very reasonable 117g and features the same excellent Focus+ 20K optical sensor as the Viper Ultimate, which offers 20,000dpi. Even the most ardent gamers won’t need to charge it frequently thanks to its respectable 150-hour battery life. You can make one of the most adaptable wireless gaming mouse on the market even more unique by adding Razer’s Chroma RGB illumination.