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Home » Best White Noise Machines in 2023 for A Better Sleep – Best White Noise Generators

Best White Noise Machines in 2023 for A Better Sleep – Best White Noise Generators

A white noise machine emits relaxing sounds to block out outside noises that can disturb you or your child at bedtime or cause you to lose focus on your work. Over the past five years, we’ve devoted many hours to studying and testing the best white noise generators available, assessing their usefulness, extra features, and overall worth.

With six calming sound options, an energy-saving timer, and a flat-faced design that is simple to pack for travel, the Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine is our favorite.

List of The Best White Noise Machines in 2023 on

#1 Sound machine for sleep therapy with pure enrichment waves

 1 Sound machine for sleep therapy with pure enrichment waves

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Utilize the Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine to drown out the outside world and tune into profound relaxation. This model is the best white noise generator we’ve found because it has all the necessary capabilities and an intuitive interface.

The Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine has six various tones to help you fall asleep, including fan, nature, and white noise sounds that block out disturbances from the inside and outside world. If you wish the machine to stop playing after a certain amount of time, you can select an optional 15-, 30-, or 60-minute timer.

The majority of reviews for this machine’s white noise are positive, however a few users have complained that it lacks bass or mid-tone, and a few others have noted an annoying loop in the audio playback. Given that many other users of this gadget are impressed with the lack of repetition in the noises, a lot will rely on how sensitive your ear is to repetition.

People like that the Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine has a USB port so they can charge their phones in addition to serving its most fundamental purpose as a white noise maker. This Pure Enrichment type is affordable, dependable, and simple to use.

#2 Sound Technologies That Adapt High-Definition Sleep Sound Machine by Sound+Sleep

 2 Sound Technologies That Adapt High-Definition Sleep Sound Machine by Sound+Sleep

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A good night’s sleep can be quite valuable, and purchasing a high-end white noise machine might be worthwhile. A worthwhile investment is the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine, which comes with a variety of audio options, adjustable volume control, and the option to playback through headphones or an external speaker.

Users claim that the complex sound stories offered by the Sound+Sleep white noise generator almost eliminate repetition and looping. Select from ten sound profiles that include white noise, mild city noise, and nature noises, and then add up to three additional layers of complexity to create the ideal soundscape for you. The white noise machine has an adjustable volume control that adjusts the decibel level in accordance with outside noise to ensure that you can hear it in any situation.

Alternatively, you may choose to set a sleep timer of 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes and let this high-end white noise machine pay for itself by playing all night. Users love that as the timer expires, the sound gradually dims until turning off entirely.

The Sound+Sleep High Fidelity White Noise machine has reportedly helped users sleep better and wake up feeling more rested than they had in years. Some customers experienced software problems that made some sound stories less complicated or more static-filled, although a hard reset or fresh memory card (provided by the manufacturer) seems to fix the issue. It’s difficult to match the high-quality audio and features of the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity White Noise Machine if you must have every feature in a white noise generator.

#3 SoundSpa Homedics

 3 SoundSpa Homedics

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Spend less and sleep better by using a low-cost white noise machine like this well-liked Homedics model. You may choose from 6 calming sounds on a simple dome-shaped speaker with straightforward controls and knobs to help you fall asleep faster.

You have two power options for the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine: an ordinary wall socket or four AA batteries. Some users prefer to keep batteries in the device so that it can continue to play noises in the case of a power outage. This is particularly helpful for babies who can be quickly startled if their environment’s sound is changed. The machine can also be configured to shut off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

The fact that this affordable white noise machine has a louder sound than some other well-liked white noise machines is a major bonus for most buyers. The volume knob seems to stop working after using it for about a year, which is the major drawback that is usually mentioned. But because people adore the Homedics Sleep Machine so much, they either replace it, use the wall switch that operates the outlet the device is plugged into to turn it on and off, or remove the volume knob and clean it with contact cleaner to remove any buildup that might be impairing its functionality.

According to actual users, this inexpensive sleep machine provides loud, clear white noise that is beneficial for infants, kids, and adults alike.

#4 Traditional white noise sound machine by Marpac

 4 Traditional white noise sound machine by Marpac

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With a white noise generator for offices, you can maintain confidentiality or enjoy some quiet time in your cubicle. White noise machines like the Marpac Dohm Classic have been used extensively in offices, cubicles, suites, and other settings for a long time.

The Marpac Dohm is a mechanical white noise generator and is regarded as one of the earliest of today’s models. This indicates that the white noise that blocks out distractions and dialogue is actually produced by a fan inside the device.

The Dohm white noise generator has been masking persons and objects for a very long time, earning more than 4 stars from far over 13,000 users. If you don’t want coworkers to overhear your private chats, put it outside the workplace. If you need to block out distractions, put it inside your space.

Although this mechanical white noise machine doesn’t have as many tones as digital ones do, it still sounds fantastic and won’t bother your coworkers or fool you into thinking you’re at the beach when you’re actually taking a dull webinar (not that it would be a bad thing to have some beach vibes). The Marpac Dohm’s ability to manually modify the tone by turning the top of the instrument is arguably its most distinctive feature. By doing this, you can modify the air intakes’ size and hence the white noise they create.

The device doesn’t have many fancy features, but it makes up for it with dependability and uncomplicated noise cancellation. A few customers have noted that their Dohm’s constant rattle has been an issue in recent years. Some people have fixed this issue by opening the appliance, clearing off the dust buildup, and using something like WD-40.

#5 Smart Sound Machine, Hatch Rest

 5 Smart Sound Machine, Hatch Rest

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While any white noise machine for newborns would work, the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine has certain unique characteristics that make it our top pick for lulling babies to sleep.

Using the Hatch Baby app on your smartphone, you can operate this Bluetooth-enabled white noise generator. Without having to enter the nursery and wake up your sleeping baby, you may adjust the brightness, establish and regulate automated routines, or turn off the sound machine. Parents cite this as a significant benefit and a rare characteristic in white noise machines.

There are six different white noise options available on the Hatch Baby Sound Machine, including ambient and natural sounds. You have the choice of a gentle night light in calming hues that may be employed with or without the white noise feature using a separate lighting function. This white noise machine can help you set a nap or morning routine as your child gets older. It has a “Ok to Wake” light option that signals to toddlers when it’s time to get up and move around. Many parents who tested this feature were pleasantly surprised by how successfully it helped their early risers build a healthier morning routine while buying them a few extra minutes of priceless sleep. The Hatch Baby Sound Machine is the best option if you’re looking for a white noise machine for infants that can easily transfer into the toddler years.

#6 Smart Nightingale Solutions Smart Home Sleep System by Nightingale

 6 Smart Nightingale Solutions Smart Home Sleep System by Nightingale

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Utilize a cutting-edge solution like the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System to integrate your white noise generator with your smart home. Just put this sleep-inducing gadget into a power outlet, and techies who wish to integrate it with their smart home systems will be delighted.

The main reason the Nigthingale Smart Home Sleep System differs from other white noise generators for smart homes is that it provides an ambient noise source that is not localized. The Nightingale units, which are frequently bought as a twin pack, emit calming sounds from the external speakers into the room when plugged into opposing outlets. This, according to the firm, creates a “sound blanket” around the area.

You can use a smartphone app, Bluetooth, or an online browser to control the Nightingale system. It may be controlled with Amazon Echo or by integrating with well-known smart home systems like Google Home, Nest, and Hue. Clinical studies support the Nightingale’s claim that it can hasten your fall asleep by up to 38%. Early users of the system claim that it truly helps help people go asleep more quickly and stay asleep, despite the fact that it is a relatively new product on the market. Given that the tiny units may easily fit in a luggage, some users have also found the Nightingale Sleep System to be a useful alternative for a travel white noise maker.

#7 Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker by Pet Acoustics

 7 Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker by Pet Acoustics

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Pets require calming sounds as well, and there are many dog-specific white noise devices available on the market. If your dog experiences separation anxiety, spends a lot of time at home alone, or amuses himself by barking excessively, the Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker is worth a try.

This pet white noise machine has 90 minutes of music that is designed to relax dogs already pre-loaded. The audio tracks were created by a canine behaviorist to ease stress in our canine buddies, unlike conventional white noise machines for human ears. If you routinely give your pet access to the TV or radio, think about using this option for background noise that is more suitable for a dog.

You may configure the gadget to play on repeat mode all day long even though the audio is only available for an hour and a half; we doubt your animal buddy will notice. Remember that the battery only lasts for around 8 hours, so you’ll need to plug the device in if you want it to continue playing after a typical workday.

Despite not making any claims to treat separation anxiety, this white noise machine for dogs does seem to noticeably calm canines. Numerous pet owners reported fewer harmful activities, such as barking or marking.

#8 Yogasleep Rohm Portable Sound System

 8 Yogasleep Rohm Portable Sound System

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On the road, it might be challenging to get a good night’s sleep. It can be considerably simpler to fall asleep and stay asleep in strange environments if you use a white noise machine designed for travel, such as the Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine.

This popular Marpac family of white noise makers includes this small, portable model. The circular Rohm, which weighs less than half a pound, may be conveniently transported by fitting into a backpack or carry-on bag. You can only choose from a restricted range of sounds due to its small size; these include calming ocean sounds, deep white noise, and dazzling white noise. You should be aware that this is a digital white noise machine, as opposed to conventional Marpac models that operate using fans. In any case, a lot of explorers have utilized the Rohm to block out noise from the street, the hotel, and other strange sounds when they’re sleeping somewhere new.

Another useful feature for travelers is the Rohm Portable White Noise Machine’s USB charging port. Extra batteries or a different charger are not necessary to bring along. All you need is a regular USB cable. This streamlined sleep aid has no timer, so it will play continually. The battery readily lasts all night, according to one user, and parents have found the continuous-play feature to be useful when using it for infants.

What To Consider When Buying A White Noise Machine

Digital vs. Mechanical

White noise generators come in two main categories: mechanical and digital. Digital machines produce electrical sound and have a larger variety, whereas mechanical machines often employ a fan to create a steady background noise.

You can change the frequency on some models to create different “shades” of noise, such as white noise and pink noise. If you’re seeking for audio recordings of nature sounds, calming music, or other comparable possibilities, digital machines are also the superior choice.

Loudness Options

Not all background noises are created equal. Genuine white noise or other sound frequencies, like calming pink noise, are preferred by some. Others favor the constant buzz of a fan, the soothing sound of the ocean, or a downpour. Depending on your preferences, you might choose to spend your money on a product that only produces one form of sound; alternatively, if you’re unsure, think about a model with numerous sound options.

Sleep Alarm

Some individuals prefer a white noise machine that runs continuously, but you might choose to set a sleep timer so that it turns off after you’re sound asleep. While some items offer sleep timers, simpler models might need to be manually turned on and off.


Once you start using one, you might begin to feel as though you must use a white noise machine in order to fall asleep. This is why buying a portable machine that you can easily pack in a bag and take on the road is frequently advantageous.


How do white noise generators operate?

Mechanical white noise machines use a small motor to drive a fan that forces air through vents without producing a breeze. On some models, changing the fan speed or turning the machine’s housing will change the white noise’s loudness and tone.

Electronic parts that create noise patterns or store audio files are found within digital white noise machines. You will have a variety of noises and tones to choose from depending on the machine you choose.

Why use white noise generators?

A white noise machine’s goal is to provide constant noises that block out other noises. The majority of people use them to fall asleep and discover that the calming noise helps to quiet the mind and block out extraneous noise that may otherwise wake them up. A white noise machine can help you block out noises like background television, a noisy ceiling fan, your partner snoring, dogs barking outside, and passing traffic.

White noise devices can be helpful even when you’re not sleeping. When there may be distractions from outside noises, such as when working in an office or studying in a busy setting, they can help with concentration. White noise generators are another tool used by some people to add a layer of anonymity. The machine’s noise might aid in shielding your activities or discussion from outside ears.

What sound do white noise generators make?

The sound of the white noise machine depends depend on the kind you select. Mechanical versions are best described as having a hum, which can vary from a gentle ‘hiss’ to a more steady ‘shush’ noise. Digital noise machines might also produce a similar hum by electronic means, but usually also offer other options for sounds—ranging from familiar options like rain and birds to more surprising choices like a city street or the crackle of a campfire.