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Best Portable Solar Chargers in 2023 – Have Your Device Charge Anywhere

Since over ten years ago, our solar charger experts have put the top solar chargers on the market through extensive testing. You could argue that after examining more than 65 models, we have a good understanding of portable technology. We bought 8 of the best models for our review update so that we could test them in person. We evaluated the charging performance of each panel and selected the best of the best to be highlighted. We’ve had the opportunity to test a wide range, from enormous panels meant for expeditions and automobile camping to small battery packs made for the backcountry. The end result is a thorough breakdown of our findings that highlights our preferred choices for particular uses. Are you prepared to join the solar revolution?

You must be carrying electronics that need charging if you’re bringing a portable solar charger on your weekend camping trip or taking it into the backcountry. Our outdoor electronics specialists have written in-depth evaluations on everyday wearables like GPS watches as well as expedition necessities like handheld GPS, PLBs, and altimeter watches.

List of Top 5 Best Portable Solar Chargers in 2023 on

#1 LargeBlue 3

 LargeBlue 3

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The BigBlue 3 surpasses all expectations. This panel keeps its position at the top of the pack for another year due to its outstanding charging capabilities and consistent performance across the board. Nothing matches this model when it comes to overall performance, even though there may be other options out there that charge more quickly or have cooler looks. When your electronics want a boost, this panel will provide a steady charge under varying circumstances (from full sun to partially cloudy). We adore the accessories pouch with a zipper and the built-in ammeter as features. We also value this panel’s affordability and simplicity. With three USB ports and a traditional fold-out design, the BigBlue is a great all-purpose charger that can quickly and effectively power most compact devices.

The weight of this panel is a drawback. It’s a little heavy, coming in at 23.5 ounces. As a result, it is more appropriate for usage in front-country terrain, while it will perform admirably everywhere else. With the exception of its weight, this panel gets excellent reviews all around.

#2 PowerPort 21W by Anker

 PowerPort 21W by Anker

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The Anker PowerPort 21W maintains a high ranking year after year. With 6W greater power, it has all the same characteristics as the 15W. It has one of the fastest charging times in our evaluation, taking 3 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge a 6,000 mAh external battery in direct sunlight. Additionally, it was fantastic at simultaneously charging many devices, and it managed charge interruptions as you should anticipate.

Despite not being the lightest model we tested, it performs admirably given its size (over 20 watts). Its tri-folding shape is compact and simple to store, roughly the size of a magazine. When it came to charging capability, weight, and cost, this competitor was tough to beat.

#3 25,000mAh Goertek

 25,000mAh Goertek

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High-capacity battery with three USB connections that quickly charge tiny electronics is the Goertek 25,000mAh battery pack. We appreciate that it has a sizable capacity and can repeatedly recharge a phone when the battery is full. Additionally, even if it takes a few hours, the tiny solar panel functions well enough to allow the battery to be recharged by solar power. In addition to all these wonderful characteristics, the Goertek ranks as one of the solar charger setups with the most affordable price points.

We’ve experienced identical difficulties with this battery pack as we have with other battery pack/solar alternatives; persistence is needed. Because this device does not perform well as a standalone solar charger, allow yourself a few full days to fully charge the 25,000mAh battery. However, even with little electronics plugged in, the panel will continue to trickle charge the battery pack, which is a feature we like.

#4 The Ryno-Tuff 21W

 The Ryno-Tuff 21W

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We were immediately delighted by the Ryno-Tuff 21W’s charging capabilities. In our initial tests, this panel outperformed its rivals in terms of charging speed, fully charging our phones in less than 30 minutes. Even for a modest 21W model panel, this is amazing. Despite its modest claimed wattage, the Ryno-Tuff also performs admirably while charging numerous devices at once. The panel is sufficiently portable for treks into the backcountry because it is strong and reasonably small. This panel is a great choice for individuals on a budget due to its features and affordable price.

With this panel, we encountered a few issues, but they were all rather minor. First off, the storage pocket is so little that it hardly fits a phone, giving it a somewhat useless appearance. Additionally, the Ryno-Tuff performed poorly in our interruption recovery testing, demonstrating that it is not the greatest choice for use in difficult circumstances.

#5 25W SunJack

 25W SunJack

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The SunJack 25W astounded us with its remarkable performance despite not having the highest reported wattage of any panel in this evaluation. Our mobile phones, external battery packs, and other erratic electrical devices were quickly and simply charged. It claims some of the quick charging times that we’ve tested. Additionally, its strong construction and stunning design inspire confidence. In contrast to many of its rivals, it also performed effectively in settings that were partly cloudy or shadowed.

Its cost and bulk are the main drawbacks. It would have been higher on our list if it were a little bit smaller or lighter. The Sunjack, with its quick charging times, is still a great choice.