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Best Pet Cameras in 2023 for Monitoring & Connect with your Dogs & Cats

Check out our list of the top home security cameras if your needs are more general when it comes to home security. Are you wondering if a pet camera may be hacked? In our explainer, learn if that actually is a problem.

Read on to learn more about the top pet cameras available for purchase.

#1 The Furbo Dog Camera

 The Furbo Dog Camera

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The Furbo dog camera has a great design and an integrated “treat flinging” feature for when you really want to have fun with your pet. When you’re away, you can swiftly play a game of fetch by firing the treat out of the Furbo while amusing yourself on the 720p camera. It can carry about 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite treat. It comes with night vision and a 120-degree wide-angle view.

The two-way microphone also enables communication between the pet and the owner, allowing you to converse with your pet and hear what it is doing and how it reacts to your voice. The Furbo can deliver “bark alerts” by sending a push notification to your smartphone when it detects a pet making noise, however it does require an Internet connection through Wi-Fi. It’s simple to set up the treat toss and you can use pretty much any reward you want with it. Furbo does advise non-crushable treats that are between half an inch and an inch long.

#2 Petcube Play Interactive

 Petcube Play Interactive

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The Petcube Camera, widely recognized as the best all-around pet camera on the market, provides 1080p video, two-way audio, night vision, and a built-in laser for some pet fun away from home. Before you even switch it on, the Petcube has a sleek, brushed aluminum appearance with rounded corners. The Petcube is known for its smartphone app, which is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch and enables real-time interaction with your pets with the bundled laser toy. The laser toy, which is available in both automatic and manual mode, may amuse your pets for hours.

The smartphone software also enables immediate sharing of images and videos with loved ones or on social media. Even better, Petcube provides a paid (cloud-based) service that enables the rewinding and replay of either 10 or 30 days’ worth of video history. With the help of the two-way audio, pet owners may effortlessly and, if required, covertly communicate with their animals to inform them that you are on your way home. Your peace of mind is increased by the encrypted and secure 128-bit Petcube network as well as other security features. The Petcube is stylish, practical, and raises the bar for pet cameras even though it doesn’t have a reward dispenser.

#3 Pawbo Life Pet Wi-Fi

 Pawbo Life Pet Wi-Fi

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Even while you’re away from home, the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Camera’s many useful functions will ensure that you never leave your dog alone. Like the other cameras on this list, this one has two-way audio and a basic 720p stream. However, the Pawbo camera really stands out thanks to its unique capabilities. You may play a game of catch with your dog or give him a prize for being well-behaved by using the Pawbo app. Additionally, the camera has a distinctive laser point that you can turn on and off, which should appeal particularly to cat owners. The camera’s simultaneous viewing by up to eight users makes it ideal for families or shared living spaces. You can also take pictures and make videos.

One significant drawback is that the camera lacks night vision. That might not matter if you only intend to use the camera when you’re gone during the day, but it might if you need to be able to watch your pet all the time.

#4 Netgear Arlo, Best Indoor/Outdoor

 Netgear Arlo, Best IndoorOutdoor

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The Netgear Arlo security system is an excellent HD camera system that doesn’t market itself exclusively as a pet monitoring service, but it more than makes up for its feature limitations with exceptional performance. Monitoring every angle of your home is simple and hassle-free thanks to a revolutionary 100% wire-free design and a magnetic mount that allows for discrete camera positioning. When you need to check on your pet when you are away from home in the evening but can’t since you don’t have access to night vision, this feature is ideal. Owners of motion-activated systems can get instantaneous email or smartphone notifications for additional peace of mind.

You can even add a second waterproof camera to the system (available separately) to monitor your yard to check on your pet while you’re away because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. There is more than enough space to install the camera in a broad area and view everything your pet is doing with an ideal positioning of roughly seven feet above floor level and an appropriate range of motion detection from around five to 20 feet.

#5 Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System

 Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System

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The Blink product offers an exceptional HD video experience while you’re away from home as a dedicated home security camera system. It has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and runs on two AA batteries. Connect to the Blink system once you’re online using the free iOS and Android smartphone applications or the downloadable Amazon Alexa “skill” for voice control. The Blink system can be placed almost anywhere you want to monitor a pet, including above a doorway, in front of a sofa, or spanning a big room, at just 3.2 x 4.5 x 9.3 inches and weighing slightly less than one pound.

The Blink offers peace of mind that goes far beyond pet monitoring because it has both motion and temperature sensors and can also serve as a home security system. The video starts recording and an alert is delivered to any connected devices as soon as the Blink system recognizes your pet moving in front of the camera, allowing you to find out exactly what your pet is doing right away. With the purchase of additional camera units (available separately), Blink owners may easily expand the camera system and swiftly cover every area of their home as needed. The Blink provides free cloud storage for up to two hours of video footage without any recurring charges.

#6 PetCube Play 2 has – Best Features

 PetCube Play 2 has - Best Features

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The Petcube Play 2 is the model that replaces the original Petcube Play. With new capabilities to assist occupy your pet and keep them safe while you’re away at work, it builds on the features and functionality of the prior model. The Play 2 has a Wi-Fi connection and offers round-the-clock pet monitoring. The 1080p camera, which has a 160-degree wide lens, a 4x magnification, and night vision, lets you watch your pet play. Even sound and motion alerts will be sent to your phone.

You may communicate with your pet using 2-way audio, among other features. The four microphone array enhances sound quality, and you even get Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant integrated so you can connect this gadget to your smart home network. Last but not least, if your dog or cat is a playful type, you can use your phone to operate the Play 2 to keep them amused with the built-in laser (don’t worry, it’s safe for pets). If you like, it can even carry it out automatically.

#7 Petcube Cam: Best Ecosystem

 Petcube Cam: Best Ecosystem

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The Petcube Cam is the company’s first entry-level product, and despite its low price, it doesn’t skimp on quality. Like their high-end pet cams, the Cam offers a 1080p stream, automated night vision, and two-way audio. The Cam can be mounted magnetically and can be mounted upside-down because it flips inside the plastic casing. Given its diminutive size, the Cam is as discrete as the majority of home security cameras. The Petcube app is used to manage everything.

The Cam is essentially a home security camera with a paywall on its own because it lacks any interactive capabilities. In houses where there are other Petcube items, it truly shines. The Petcube Care subscription, which is optional, enables users to preserve lengthier video clips, keep track of their recording activities, and get intelligent warnings (like distinguishing between pets and people). If they wish to monitor more areas of their home, Petcube owners can think about the Cam.