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Best PC Gaming Controllers in 2023

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Many restrictions apply to PC gaming. In addition to being able to play games at their best with the correct setup, there are many other ways you can enjoy them. To play games, players typically utilize a mouse and keyboard. However, first-person shooter games are the only ones that often benefit from this design. With such a setup, controlling other games is challenging.

The good news is that your PC can also be connected to a variety of controllers. You’re in luck if you’re having trouble choosing a PC controller because we’re going to list some of the top ones. You will be able to play a range of games more easily and effectively with any of these options. Let’s begin.

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#1 Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

 Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

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One of the best controllers available is the Xbox Elite 2 Controller. It costs nearly the same as the Xbox One S bundle, making it one of the more expensive options at $181.49. Microsoft performs far better than rivals like Scuf in terms of design and customisation. Although it may be expensive, you get what you pay for.

At first glance, Microsoft’s revamp of the Xbox Elite 2 controller appears to be practically unattractive, but it goes deeper and significantly alters how this controller is used. Its new wrap-around texture grip is the most obvious difference from the original. With the original Elite controller, the grips were divisive. Than claim that the grip in this model is superior to the original is not an exaggeration, though.

Microsoft has made other subtle adjustments in addition to these new handles, many of which are not immediately obvious. The power button on the Xbox One dashboard or the Elite 2 controller can be navigated using the Xbox button, which is significantly more reliable and clicky. There are LEDs in place to indicate which profile is now active. The device does not have a quick button remapping feature like the original.

The ability to establish and manage three different profiles allows for instant switching. You can change or remap all of the buttons on your Elite2 controller using the Xbox Accessories app. Four additional paddles are left behind, which is probably a bit excessive for most individuals. I always find that using one or two of these paddles at a time and taking away the others is more practical. This variety and adaptability highlight how fully customisable the Elite2 controller is.


  • highly adaptable
  • Bluetooth is active.
  • removable charging station


  • Pricey

#2 PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

 PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

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One of the top inexpensive controllers available is the PowerA Spectra Infinity. This inexpensive controller feels excellent in your hands and has an easy setup that is equivalent to that of the premium Xbox Wireless Controller from Microsoft.

The majority of players agree that it is simply amazing in terms of feel and customisation. It is a deep, rich shade of black with a soft-touch shine that is neither unpleasant nor irritatingly rough to the touch. The handgrips on the underside include some texturing, like many controllers in 2021. The analogs, D-pad, and all of the face buttons are then rather accurate imitations of an Xbox controller.

The Nexus, menu, view, and percentage buttons are only slightly rounder than usual. The Nexus button is a delight in and, because to how easy it is to push, pays homage to earlier times. Among the several menu buttons is a little LED that lights up when electricity is connected. Ten feet of USB-A to Micro-USB cable are used to power the controller.

The volume dial near the bottom of the front of the Spectra is possibly its most noticeable physical feature. You were given immediate, easily accessible volume and mute controls, which is a first-rate improvement.

The 3.5mm jack on the headset needs to be connected by a cable, however once it is, the headset may be easily operated by giving the dial a light push. I nudge to the right to raise volume and to the left to decrease volume. Your microphone will be muted as soon as you push it down. You may easily tweak your sound as a result. To find the options you desire, you don’t have to go all the way down in the Xbox.

Although this PowerA controller is inexpensive, it is by no means subpar. In fact, it might be among the greatest PC controllers now available for the money. Although the lack of wireless options may not be ideal for everyone, the controller’s wired nature results in fast response times.


  • very reasonable
  • smooth buttons
  • wonderful RGB lighting


  • not wireless

#3 Sony Wireless DualSense Controller

 Sony Wireless DualSense Controller

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The PS5 controller appears to be a slightly improved DualShock 4 at first glance. The Dual Sense is a very gorgeous controller with a sleek white chassis and matte black analog sticks, abandoning the black grunge aesthetics of the PS4.

There is a brand-new home button with a PlayStation design, and a built-in microphone has a very useful mute button close by. To think of it as merely a larger DualShock 4 would be incorrect. The share and launch buttons weren’t only switched around. Each component of the DualSense’s body is distinct and more comfortable if you examine closely. Sony made a special effort to design a controller that is comfortable for both your hands and your demands.

The real star of this controller is its haptic feedback system. The haptic feedback of this technology resonates throughout the entire controller, which is remarkable. Even better are the adaptable triggers, which developers are already using in a variety of ways. This technology opens up intriguing possibilities for upcoming games, from the vibrant adventure Bugsnax that transforms the right trigger into a rigid camera shutter to the soft pounding of sand that flows around the controller in the “bot beach” level of Astro Playroom.

In addition to immersive innovation, DualSense is undoubtedly a comfortable controller. Sony’s PS5 goods are not only significantly more comfortable than their predecessors, but they also have a built-in microphone, a comfy cross key, and they won’t interfere with gameplay with bright lights. The headphone jack and touchpad are largely unchanged from the previous generation, however the micro USB charging cord has naturally been replaced with the newest USB-C connector.

The lifespan of the DualSense is the only drawback of this version of PlayStation. Given that Sony’s PS5 controller only offers roughly 9 to 10 hours of gaming before the charging cord needs to be put in, the battery life isn’t bad, but it is somewhat disappointing. Ten hours don’t seem like a significant victory in comparison to the incredible 30 hours you get with Nintendo’s incredible Switch Pro Controller.


  • wonderful haptic feedback
  • dependable thumbsticks
  • exemplary adaptive triggers


  • Limited PC support

#4 Scuf Instinct Pro

 Scuf Instinct Pro

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One of the most well-known brands of third-party controllers is Scuf. They keep giving gamers, whether they play on a PC or a console, smartly crafted controllers that are built for the system of their choosing.

The Scuf Instinct Pro controller is one of the best Microsoft-focused controllers available, but if the Elite Series 2 existed, how could any enthusiast controller compete? The ScufInstinct Pro has its work cut out for it if it wants to hold the title of finest PC controller given that it costs $200 on its own. But we think it can handle the job.

In the past, Scuf’s strategy had been to try to offer more options and features than rivals. Following this, the Instinct and Instinct Pro aim to provide you with more options for how they operate and feel straight out of the box. The trigger has two functions, but unlike the Elite, the Instinct Pro has a toggle switch that lets you alternate between a quick shot button that feels very similar to a flat mouse click and a smooth analog trigger.

Like a typical Xbox pad, the Instinct Pro takes two AA batteries. The option to swap out new battery pairings in the middle of a competition could be a selling advantage, but this is simply Scuf’s esports trend. Similar to that, given the short shelf life of batteries, this could provide a challenge for heavy users.


  • fantastic custom
  • Reactive and precise
  • good feeling


  • Costly to completely personalize

#5 Wolverine Ultimate Razer

 Wolverine Ultimate Razer

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You don’t need much explanation to understand why the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is one of Razer’s top controllers. Razer’s recognizable Chroma RGB lighting lamps are included with the controller. There are also a lot of fashionable and useful utilitarian buttons, so that’s not all.

Sadly, the controller is only compatible with PCs running Windows 8 and 10. It’s simple to contrast this little problem with the Xbox Elite, which is compatible with Windows 7. Although wired controllers perform better in terms of speed, this one does not have a wireless option. Instead, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate demands you to utilize either a wire that is long enough for real PC use or its very own protected braided micro USB cable. It’s unfortunate because if it weren’t for this, the controller would rank higher on our list. That is one of the primary problems we have with the controller.

Alongside the lowest interface, the controller also has media control keys and magnetic, swappable buttons. This gives the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller the impression that it was carefully and purposefully reviewed by gamers rather than being wholly created by a commercial R&D staff.

The outcome is astounding. However, we should understand how being bound to a micro-USB cord may be really annoying if you’re playing single-player games like Cuphead from the comfort of your own bed.


  • D-pad and swappable sticks
  • Button faces that click
  • Stylish style


  • an expensive wired controller

#6 Nintendo Switch Pro

 Nintendo Switch Pro

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Anyone can connect the Nintendo Switch Pro to a PC thanks to Nintendo’s user-friendly design. This is undoubtedly among the greatest controllers available at the moment. The original purpose of the Nintendo Switch Pro was to assist gamers who are uneasy using the Switch’s Joy-Cons. The end result is a phenomenal controller that can compete with devices like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers. The Switch Pro Controller’s availability in a number of designs and color variations based on some of Nintendo’s most popular games is one of its great features. If you want limited edition controllers, you could have to pay more.

The buttons on the Nintendo Switch Pro are stylish, clear, and snappy. The joysticks and triggers are identical as well. The HD rumble is another excellent feature of this controller; while it isn’t as sophisticated as the DualSense’s haptic feedback, it is still far superior to the conventional vibration capabilities that you may be accustomed to by this point. The majority of consoles and PCs are compatible with this controller, so you shouldn’t worry about it.


  • available in a variety of patterns and hues
  • I feel amazing.


  • Users express frustration that the left joystick frequently breaks.