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Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights of 2023

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In addition to providing light where and when you need it during the darkest hours of the night, motion-activated outdoor security lights may help keep your property safe from burglars.

According to Edward Jones, the creator of HomeCareHow and a specialist in house lighting, “the primary function of motion sensor lights is to defend your home, which is why you should put security sensors near points of entry.” “You should also install motion sensors in any location with heavy traffic. This will stop slip and fall accidents in addition to safeguarding your house from attackers.

To identify the ideal models for various settings, we investigated and tested lighting alternatives for simplicity of use and installation, brightness, detection range, and angle. The LEONITE LED Motion Sensor Flood Light, which is our favorite, is really simple to install and configure and allows you to customize the sensors, lights, detection range, and duration of the light.

The top outdoor motion sensor lights are listed below.

# The LEONLITE LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor

 The LEONLITE LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor

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simple installation

Rating for water resistance IP65


weak gasket

A lamp may obstruct the sensor.

Although the LEONLITE LED Motion Sensor Flood Light has a low price, it is brimming with capabilities that you may find in a much more costly light. It is also our finest all-around outdoor motion-sensing light because it is simple to install and operate.

The motion sensor has a range of approximately 69 feet and a wide 180-degree detecting angle. The sensor is also movable, so you can position it anywhere you want to get the best view of your area and the direction from which attackers are most likely to arrive. This lamp offers a ton of customization options. With the exception of the weak gasket, our tester gushed about the simple setup, the sturdy, well-made structure, and the clear controls. The adjustable lights allowed her to mount it on the side of her home and illuminate the most crucial areas.

There are separate controls for the light’s brightness, the timing, and the sensor range. By altering the range, you can easily solve the problem if the light frequently switches on due to things like your neighbors moving around in their yard. The light can also be configured to turn on when motion is detected, stay on constantly, or stay on every night from dusk till morning.

# LEPOWER 35W LED Security Light with Motion Sensor

 LEPOWER 35W LED Security Light with Motion Sensor

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Excellent angles and range

IP65 score


No dawn to dusk mode

No option to always be on

The LEPOWER 35W LED Security Light Motion Sensor is incredibly bright, has a great sensor range and detecting angle, is ready to withstand the elements with a reliable IP65 waterproof rating, and is extremely durable. It also produces 3,500 lumens from three enormous LED panels, two of which are movable, making it the greatest LED motion sensor light that we recommend.

The sensor range of this light is enormous, measuring 72 feet immediately in front of the sensor. The sensor can be pointed in order to generate the best detection area even though that slopes out to the sides. The sensitivity can be changed if you don’t need such a broad range. Three enormous LED displays on the LEPOWER can stay lit for up to 10 minutes after activation. The sole drawback is that it lacks an always-on or dusk to dawn setting, making it more useful as a security light than a floodlight.

# HMCITY Outdoor 120 LED Solar Lights

 HMCITY Outdoor 120 LED Solar Lights

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outstanding motion detection


as long as motion is detected, stays on


Switch is challenging to use

requires a lot of sunlight.

The HMCITY Outdoor 120 LED Solar Light is the perfect choice if you’re on a tight budget and trying to install motion sensor lights around your house. You don’t need to hire an electrician to install these lights because they are battery- and solar-powered, and they are also really simple to set up. Although they aren’t the brightest lights on the market, their price makes it possible for you to install them precisely where you need light outside of your house. The greatest locations for these solar lights are those that receive a lot of sunshine throughout the day.

These HMCITY lights have a large sensor range of 120 degrees and can detect motion at a distance of 26 feet. After installation, you can’t aim the sensor or lights, but you may select from three different lighting settings. You can program the light to stay on all night, turn brighter when movement is detected, or turn on for 15 seconds when motion is detected.

# LEPOWER Solar Security Light 1000LM

 LEPOWER Solar Security Light 1000LM

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For a battery-operated light, bright

independent solar panel


Not a very lengthy solar panel cord

Range appears to be less than claimed.

only operates in Auto mode for two minutes.

The battery-powered LEPOWER Solar Security Light 1000LM is incredibly bright for a solar-powered security light, making it the ideal choice for locations without access to electricity. It has all the features and functionality of a more expensive hard-wired security light, and the remote solar panel makes it much simpler to maintain the battery charged.

Most solar security lights have the difficulty of being hard to maintain a charge, however LEPOWER fixed that issue. This security light has an external solar panel with a 15-foot wire in place of an integrated solar panel. The solar panel can be placed up on the roof where it will receive the most sunlight, even though the chord isn’t very long, allowing you to mount the light where it is needed, such as under the eaves of your roof. In automated mode, the light is only on for a maximum of two minutes, but you can also choose always-on mode, which, when completely charged, may keep the lights on for up to ninety minutes.

# Euri Lighting’s EFL-130W-MD Flickering Flame Lantern

 Euri Lighting's EFL-130W-MD Flickering Flame Lantern

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Design for a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze lantern

flickers before switching to a security light

Motion sensor for dusk to dawn


Lack of flexibility

open bottom to the elements

In terms of design, the Euri Lighting EFL-130W-MD is in a totally different league from other security lights. This security light is designed to resemble a flickering flame lantern and comes with your choice of frosted or clear glass panels and an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Although it doesn’t resemble other security lights at all, it does the job. Despite having a beautiful appearance and being waterproof and suitable for outdoor usage, this lantern’s open bottom is a flaw. Additionally, it has an anticipated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The lantern shines with a warm, flickering firelight quality at dusk that resembles a gas lamp. When the sun sets, this dusk to dawn light turns on and remains on all night. The main 1,200-lumen LED light is turned on when the sensor senses motion, filling the space with brilliant, white light.

# SANSI 6000LM Super Bright LED Security Light

 SANSI 6000LM Super Bright LED Security Light

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dazzlingly bright

sufficient illumination for a driveway or yard

independent lighting controls


For some uses, it’s too bright

Brightness and the ability to focus the light exactly where you need it are the two key features to look for in a floodlight. An astonishing 6,000 lumens are produced by the SANSI 6000LM Super Bright Security Light, which is sufficient to illuminate the entire yard and driveway. It has two arrays with three extremely bright LEDs, and you may move each ray on its own. To cover your property without disturbing the neighbors, you can adjust the lights up, down, inside, or outside.

This motion-detecting floodlight can detect motion in a 180-degree radius and at a great distance of up to 72 feet. Numerous adjustments are available, including the option to leave the lights on for ten seconds to ten minutes following each activation. The dusk-to-dawn setting keeps the lights on all night if you need a little extra security. The light is certified to withstand even the hardest rain thanks to its IP65 rating.

# The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

 The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

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utilizes already-installed outdoor lighting fixtures

complements other smart home devices well


needs huawei bulbs

No internal lighting

A smart motion detector that can convert your existing outdoor lighting fixtures into motion-controlled lighting is the Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn motion sensor. Your outside light fixtures’ old bulbs are swapped out for Philips Hue smart bulbs, and after that, the Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn sensor is installed. When the Hue sensor detects motion, the smart lamps will then switch on. With this system, you can connect several sensors to cover different areas of your home’s exterior. You can also program the sensors to turn on smart outlets and other smart appliances.

The fact that this is only a sensor and not a complete motion-sensing light is a drawback. If all you want to do is hang a motion-activated light on your wall, this model isn’t what you need. If you’re interested in smart home technology, it’s a great choice though. You may mount it flush on a wall, in a corner, or even on a freestanding pole thanks to the variety of mounting choices it offers. It also has the ability to turn on any compatible smart lights. With Hue, security options go beyond simple motion-activated lights. You can turn on all of the lights, both inside and outside, or even activate a smart speaker and issue a warning.

# Mr Beams MB532 Motion-Sensing Step/Stair Light

 Mr Beams MB532 Motion-Sensing StepStair Light

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simple installation

flexible timing

a lot of light for walking


Motion detection may take a while.

Battery removal is required to access the lighting settings.

Sometimes it’s best to supply just the perfect amount of light where it’s needed, while other times you need to flood the entire area with light. That second use is suitable for Mr. Beams MB532 lights, which are also great for outdoor stairs and steps. They don’t shine brightly, but they give forth just enough light to keep you from tripping in the dark.

Since the Mr. Beams MB532 lights run on batteries, almost anywhere can accommodate their installation. They’re helpful on outside pathways, porches, sheds, and other places where you only need a little illumination in addition to stairs. There is no official IP certification, but they are weatherproof, so you can use them outside in all kinds of weather. The main drawback of these lights is that changing the lighting options requires removing the batteries, but that shouldn’t happen frequently.