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10 Best Noise Cancellation Headphones in 2023

The best noise-cancelling headphones may significantly improve your listening experience, and in just a few years, they have advanced significantly. To guarantee that you can fully concentrate on what you’re listening to, they can now block out both loud noises and any ambient sounds. Additionally, you’ll typically have a better listening experience without interruptions.

One of them is the perfect pair of headphones for you if you want to be completely submerged in your music, want to tune out background noise so you can concentrate on a wonderful podcast, or have sensitive hearing and require a barrier between the outside world and your ears. Our best exercise headphones and best running headphones guides both have noise-cancelling headphones if you’re looking for new headphones for a more specific use.

We evaluated the sound quality, noise-canceling effectiveness, and features like battery life and other extras of hundreds of noise-canceling headphones. Look at our review of the Sony WH-1000XM4 if you just want the best noise-cancelling headphones available. There are some noise-cancelling models in our guide to the best cheap headphones, so it’s also important to take those into account.

If you want, you can read our Apple AirPods Max review if you like Apple products. Although they are exorbitantly priced, they are Apple’s first set of over-ear wireless headphones.

Only headphones are the subject of this manual. These have a band that sits over your head and two cups that fit over or on your ears. However, if you want noise-cancelling technology in a different style, check out our guides on the best noise-cancelling earbuds or the best true wireless earbuds for options that are thin, cordless, and offer the utmost in portability.

If not, continue reading for our recommendation for the top noise-cancelling headphones. Whatever your preferences are in terms of price, style, or features, we’ve chosen the best noise-cancelling headphones available right now. There is something for everyone because our selections are based on quality of design, price, and sound.

Our Recommendation List of The 10 Best Noise Cancellation Headphones in 2023 on

#1 Max Apple AirPods

 Max Apple AirPods

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The best option is Apple’s noise-canceling over-ears (8/10, Rating), if you have an iPhone and have $550 to spend. Although they are undoubtedly the best wireless headphones you will ever hear, Cupertino’s flagship cans are worth purchasing for other reasons besides their astounding fidelity. These headphones are a terrific choice for the majority of people thanks to their excellent pairing and connection with Apple devices, Bose-beating noise cancellation, and some of the best build quality you’ll find under $1,000.

Is there anything about the AirPods Max that you don’t like? The soft case that comes with the headphones offers virtually little protection while they are not on your head.

#2 WH-1000XM5 Sony

 WH-1000XM5 Sony

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Fifth-generation Sony flagship headphones now have a sleeker shell that puts them on par with Apple and Bose in terms of aesthetics (9/10, Rating). The company’s superior noise cancellation, highly adjustable sound, and outstanding battery life remain its main selling points. They cost more than earlier generations, but the sound is more engaging and has a more energizing feel than the earlier, less dynamic models.

#3 WH-1000XM4 Sony

 WH-1000XM4 Sony

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Although the WH-1000XM4 (9/10, Rating) are not the most recent model, Sony’s WH-1000X range has produced some of the greatest noise-canceling headphones for almost ten years. Compared to its predecessor, this model has improved noise reduction and audio upscaling, both of which contribute to a cleaner overall sound character. Its sleek, professional appearance and 30-hour battery life are also comparable. In Zoom meetings, the high-quality mics don’t make you seem like you’re underwater, which is a crucial improvement in the post-Covid era. Avoid purchasing it outright because it occasionally goes on sale for under $300.

#4 Noise-cancelling 700 by Bose

 Noise-cancelling 700 by Bose

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The noise-cancelling Bose QC35 II (8/10, Rating) is still a great choice for business users, but the Noise Canceling 700 takes the top spot. They boast marginally greater sound quality and battery life than the QC35 II, as well as superb noise suppression that muffles talkative roommates or clacky keyboards better than ever. But call quality is the true justification for purchasing the 700s. Four microphones and sophisticated signal processing are used to reduce background noise during phone calls. Even if you’re in a noisy living room, the person you’re contacting will assume you’re at a library.

#5 WF-1000XM4 by Sony

 WF-1000XM4 by Sony

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The WF-1000XM4 from Sony has the best noise cancellation we’ve heard from a set of earbuds (7/10, Rating). Most sounds are muted thanks to the company’s superior digital signal processing and snug-fitting foam ear tips. The WF-1000XM4 deliver excellent performance and provide the same highly adjustable sound we enjoy from Sony’s over-ear flagship headphones. Although they are a little too big for little ears—WIRED senior associate editor Adrienne So preferred the fit of the AirPods Pro—the extra size is compensated by an industry-leading eight-hour battery life.

#6 Beats by Dre

 Beats by Dre

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My top recommendation for iPhone owners looking for noise-canceling headphones is the Beats Fit Pro (9/10, Rating). They are not just more svelte and comfy than the previous AirPods Pro (8/10, Rating), but they also offer improved sound and tactile buttons on the exterior of each bud for simple access while wearing ski and bike helmets. One of my favorite pairs of earbuds ever “made in California” has an AirPods Pro-beating six hours of battery life, as well as spatial audio compatibility with Apple Music and Netflix (among other services).

#7 Pro Apple AirPods

 Pro Apple AirPods

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I detest the original AirPods’ mediocre sound and awkward fit, but Apple’s AirPods Pro (8/10, Rating) are completely different. They have soft ear tips that enhance the fit and hence the sound. They have some of the best noise-canceling technology you’ll find in a pair of earbuds and a superior overall design. The extra $100 you’ll pay above the regular non-Pro model is well worth it.

Although they work with Android phones as well, they operate best with iPhones and other Apple devices (albeit with fewer available features). This case’s support for MagSafe enables magnetic attachment to MagSafe wireless chargers for more accurate charging.

#8 PX7 Carbon Edition by Bowers & Wilkins

 PX7 Carbon Edition by Bowers & Wilkins

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The PX7 Carbon (8/10, Rating) offers slightly more sonic clarity and style than Sony’s versions for a modest price. The PX7 are an excellent option for individuals who desire great performance but don’t mind spending a little more to stand out from the crowd because they have a similar great noise reduction and lightweight head feel.

#9 Elite 85H Jabra

 Elite 85H Jabra

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I have trouble with headphones. While taking my dog for a walk in the Oregonian rain, I frequently damage headbands, grab cables, degrade ear pads, and wear headsets. I enjoy the Jabra Elite 85H for this reason. They boast a durable, minimalist design that withstands misuse, removable ear cushions ($20), and a water-resistant covering. While their active noise-cancelling capabilities aren’t the best, you won’t hear them in anything except the loudest surroundings. You hardly ever need to recharge them thanks to their 36-hour battery life with ANC on.

#10 Elite 7 Active by Jabra

 Elite 7 Active by Jabra

Since we’ve always adored Jabra’s tough training headphones, it’s no surprise that its newest flagship model has become one of our all-time favorites. They fit a wide range of skulls incredibly well and are 16 percent smaller than their predecessors. They have an IP57 rating, which ensures they will appear brand-new after a short rinse, and have an eight-hour battery life, so you can use them for an ultramarathon or a ski day. We also highly like the Jabra Elite 4 Active , which you might consider if you want to save a little cash and don’t mind slightly inferior features.