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5 Best Live Streaming Webcams for Twitch in 2023

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You need the greatest tools if you want to succeed in the world of Twitch live streaming.

Getting a new webcam should be a top priority. Finding the finest camera for live streaming can be challenging, though, with so many alternatives flooding the market.

We have selected the top 5 cameras for Twitch in order to cut through the clutter.

Before you make a decision, we’ll make sure to point you all of their key advantages and disadvantages as well as any additional crucial details. Find out which webcams work best for Twitch by reading on.

List of The Top 5 Best Live Streaming Webcams/Cameras for Twitch in 2023

#1 Logitech C920 Webcam

 Logitech C920 Webcam

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Most Twitch streamers believe that the Logitech C920 is the best all-around camera for broadcasting. It gives the best image quality for the money and is incredibly reliable and cost-effective. Although the C920 lacks some of the extras the C922 provides, you can be sure that it still has a great camera. It surpasses all fundamental standards and has stunning video quality at 1080p.

Even while there are many other webcams that can broadcast 1080p HD footage, the most of them can only do so at the expense of a lower frame rate. The video they generate will have a great resolution, but it will play slowly. The Logitech C920 stands out for its ability to broadcast 1080p video at a speed of 30 FPS without reducing the framerate.

The C920 is the model for you if you want to get the most value for your money.


  • 180p video quality that is dependable and can compete with more expensive cameras
  • lengthy chord
  • Hardware-based built-in compression to protect stream quality


  • Lacks the C922’s accessories Audio occasionally sounds muffled

#2 Logitech C922 by Logitech

 Logitech C922 by Logitech

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The C920’s gaming-focused replacement is the Logitech C922. It includes all of the C920’s features plus a few more. The C922 boasts a notable improvement in image quality in low light and can broadcast at 60 FPS at 720p. If you don’t have a lighting setup and are streaming, this can be extremely helpful. You may have observed some of your favorite Twitch streams using the C922’s background replacement capability.

The background elimination feature, however, is software-driven, and the increased processor burden may cause latency.


  • With 60 FPS at 720p and 30 FPS at 1080, the video quality is fantastic. It also has excellent low-light self-correction.
  • Feature that replaces the background in live-streamed games


  • Performance problems can result from background substitution.
  • poor audio quality in comparison to external microphones
  • Cost

#3 Razer Kiyo

 Razer Kiyo

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You might not have a sophisticated lighting setup like some of the more well-known Twitch live streamers if you are new to the platform. Many streamers are aware of how big of a difference even subtle lighting can make to their streams. The brand-new Razer Kiyo steps in to help with that. With twelve white LED lights arranged in a ring pattern around the lens, the Kiyo has a contemporary look.

The lights have 12 various brightness settings that may be changed. Razer worked with Twitch streamers to create this camera, making it one of the few on the market that was made just for you.

The Kiyo is priced similarly to the C922 and offers the same 60 FPS at 720p and 30 FPS at 1080p. However, the Kiyo has proven to function poorly when compared to the mics on the Logitech C920 and C922.

The Razer Kiyo webcam has been thoroughly reviewed by us; you can read the review.


  • built with Twitch streamers in mind
  • Intelligent LED lights
  • Excellent 720p and 1080p image quality


  • Native microphone audio quality is worse to equivalent cams in price

#4 Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

 Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

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The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is the webcam for you if you’re seeking for something more reasonably priced. It has a 720p maximum resolution and supports HD video at 30 frames per second. It is mounted on a 360-degree rotating swivel, and TrueColor Technology automatically improves the broadcast’s image quality.

The LifeCam’s mic operates less well than some of the other cameras, similar to the Kiyo, occasionally letting background noise through that other mics would cancel. Although competing webcams outperform it in terms of visual and audio quality, its inexpensive cost makes it an excellent choice for new streamers.


  • Cost of a 360-degree swivel for various positions


  • The auto-focus function may take some time to adjust.
  • Compared to comparable cameras 5, native mic audio quality is less impressive.

#5 Webcam Logitech 4K pro

 Webcam Logitech 4K pro

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The first 4K webcam in the world is the Logitech 4K Pro. With this webcam, Logitech has improved its game, enabling streamers to create films of expert quality. There are several extra features in the 4K Pro. Having features like RightLight with HDR for low-light filming, 5x digital zoom, 90-degree field of view, and infrared facial recognition.

Sadly, the webcam’s clip is inferior to that of the C920 and C922 and does not tightly secure the camera to the display. However, if you can put up with that, and your software supports 4K, the 4K Pro shoots the greatest pictures available right now.


  • gorgeous 4K pictures
  • Effective in dim lighting
  • excellent sound quality
  • vision field of 90 degrees


  • The clip is not tightly attached to displays Cost

If in doubt, choose Logitech, seems to be the prevailing sentiment. Although Twitch streamers continue to use the Logitech C920, the C922 is a significant upgrade. You might want to consider investing in a significant piece of equipment given that some Twitch streamers are already earning upwards of $5,000 per month.

If so, choose the Logitech 4K Pro. Even if the clip is unpleasant, there is currently nothing else like it available. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Razer Kiyo is a product to keep an eye on, and the Microsoft LifeCam is always a wise pick!