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The Top 5 Best Headphones for Kids in 2023

Compared to the perfect powers of a young person’s ears, the vast majority of us have some type of hearing loss by the time we reach our thirties, if not before. Children can hear frequencies that adults cannot, primarily because they have not had as much exposure to the noisy aspects of the environment as we have. The primary cause of hearing loss, aside from brief, powerful bursts of loud sound, is sustained, continuous exposure to loud noise. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that headphones and earbuds are mostly to blame for the gradual loss of hearing in adults. Kids are using headphones from a young age in the age of smartphones and tablets, so it’s important to limit overall volume levels to a comfortable maximum.

Additionally, children misplace, break, or quit using items after becoming weary of them. Manufacturers consider all of these difficulties when creating headphones for children. Your youngster might only want excellent sound quality with volume control, but you might place more value on a waterproof design or a reasonable price. Here, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of children’s headphones and what to look for when purchasing a pair. The top models we have examined to date are also listed.

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#1 Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from LilGadgets

 Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from LilGadgets

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For kid’s devices, wires can occasionally be more trouble than they are worth, thus the LilGadgets untangled pro premium wireless headset is a must-have. The audio experience is provided by 40mm drivers, which provide an improved listening experience for music, books, movies, and other media. These drivers also include built-in kid-friendly volume limitations. You may anticipate 12 hours of use from the battery and up to 180 hours of standby time before it needs to be recharged.

Fortunately, using padded earcups for that long without becoming tired is not an issue for kids because they can use them for hours at a time. The Shareport feature, which enables additional headsets to plug directly into the LilGadgets headset to share the audio coming from just one audio-producing device, is another feature that parents who organize sleepovers will like. If none of the aforementioned appeals to you, the knowing that a percentage of every LilGadgets headset purchase supports school bullying prevention may.

#2 KidJamz KJ25 from MEE audio

 KidJamz KJ25 from MEE audio

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The MEE KidJamz KJ25 headphones are an excellent value option with an integrated 85db volume limiter to avoid hearing loss in children aged four to twelve. While limiting volume when around young children is advised, the MEE has a hidden button that enables parents to turn it off in noisy situations. Any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack, including Apple’s product line, is compatible with the MEE’s. Vinyl ear pads and an adjustable headset with BPA-free plastics for a comfortable and fatigue-free fit are part of the hypoallergenic build quality. MEE also comes with an ultra-flexible headband that can bend, twist, and pull in any direction without breaking, as well as a cord that is tangle-free and has reinforced connectors.

#3 Play+ Snug

 Play+ Snug

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Picking the finest over-the-ear headset for kids is difficult because there are so many options available, but the Snug Play+ makes a strong argument for having outstanding audio and being incredibly comfy. The Play+, which is suggested for kids ages three to eight, has 40mm speakers that deliver fantastic sound on par with adult headsets. Kids won’t be able to detect the difference, but they will still like it. Fortunately, the excellent audio experience is nevertheless limited by an internal volume restriction, preventing eardrum damage.

Beyond sound, these lightweight headphones are made of sturdy, high-quality materials that can withstand the inevitable abuse young children will give this headset. Additionally, the cushioned foam is kind to little ears and remains pleasant for hours at a time without getting in the way of extended listening sessions. The use of Shareport technology makes it simple and quick for numerous kids to listen to the same media device at once.

#4 Children’s Votones Wireless Headphones

 Children's Votones Wireless Headphones

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The folding shape of the small, lightweight Votones headphones works nicely with its lightly cushioned earpieces. A 3.5mm audio cable is included for use with a computer, iPad, or other devices that have an audio jack, in addition to the Votones’ comfortable design, offering both wireless and wired compatibility. After a 2.5-hour charge, the device may play music for up to 10 hours and remain powered on for up to 60 hours until another charge is necessary. The Votones really shines with FM radio support and hands-free calling via Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility that connects to any compatible phone device, going beyond battery life and comfort.

#5 Kids Headphones Cozyphones

 Kids Headphones Cozyphones

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The Cozyphones headphones offer a distinctive design that most parents haven’t seen before. The ultra-thin 1/8-inch speakers provide a completely new look and feel, especially for kids who loathe earbuds. The soft fleece headband may initially seem strange, but the level of comfort cannot be overstated. The days of stumbling around in uncomfortable over-the-ear headphones are over because this headset is all comfort, all the time. This washable, lightweight, and cuddly headband made of fleece will not dissatisfy kids with sensory difficulties. The 3.5mm jack, which comes with a 36-inch flexible and braided chord, works with a huge variety of media players, including Apple.

What to Look for in Kid’s Headphones

Protection for Hearing

A volume limiter is the single most crucial component of headphones for children. If possible, keep the noise on your children’s devices even lower than 85 decibels while selecting headphones.


Some gadgets can overpower volume limiters, which is an issue. Since hardware cannot inadvertently cause wireless headphones to output sound louder than they are intended to, choosing wireless headphones will provide the highest level of safety. The drawback is that you lose that added security if the batteries run out and you plug in the headphones with a physical cable.

Technology to Reduce Noise

Although noise-canceling headphones are more frequently found on expensive models, buying them is an investment in your child’s hearing. With the help of noise-canceling technology, your children may enjoy their music or films at a lower volume while still hearing well, protecting their ears.