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Best HDMI Switchers 2023

The Kinivo 550BN HDMI switcher, in our opinion, is the best option if you need an HDMI switcher but don’t want to get mired down in specifics: It works flawlessly and is the ideal combination of price and inputs.

The lack of connectors on TVs to connect devices like streaming boxes and gaming consoles is among their most bothersome features. By allowing many devices to share a single connection into your TV, an HDMI switcher circumvents this and adds more ports.

When purchasing, it’s important to make sure that the switch you choose can support the highest resolution you’ll want. The two primary choices are HD, which is slightly less expensive, and 4K, commonly referred to as ultra HD and offers a clearer image.

List of The Top 6 Best HDMI Switchers 2023 on

#1 Kinivo 550BN HDMI Switch

 Kinivo 550BN HDMI Switch

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Things We Like

  • 5 inputs, 1 output
  • offers 4K image support
  • integrated remote

Things We Dislike

  • No PIP
  • Port location

The main appeal of an HDMI switch is its ability to connect numerous devices to a single display, and the Kinivo 550BN does this job well. It can accommodate up to five HDMI inputs for a single output, making it ideal for power users. It seemed like a match made in heaven as our reviewer Emily Ramirez used it for weeks with a BenQ HT3550 4K projector.

There are various cable management concerns with the Kinivo. It’s challenging to arrange the wires in a visually appealing way because all of the ports are lined up along one side. Having said that, it’s easy to use, enjoyable to use, and reasonably priced.

#2 Zettaguard, 4K HDMI Switcher

 Zettaguard, 4K HDMI Switcher

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Things We Like

  • PiP, but merely a sneak peek
  • allows for 4K picture quality
  • good structure
  • every port in the back

Things We Dislike

  • Audio cannot be divided

The Zettaguard 4K is a smartly made HDMI switcher with a high-end look and feel that is worth taking into account. The 4K content our reviewer viewed on her PC for weeks looked fantastic, with the HDR colors truly making the films shine.

Our preferred choice might have been the Zettaguard 4K. We almost bought the switcher just for the picture-in-picture (PiP) preview mode, but there are only four inputs, and there is no HDMI audio splitter. Along with a button for each HDMI input, the accompanying remote contains a dedicated PiP button that allows you to view all active inputs at once.

#3 Newcare HDMI Switch 3-in-1

 Newcare HDMI Switch 3-in-1

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Things We Like

  • enables 4K video
  • cord HDMI included

Things We Dislike

  • opposite sides for the input and output
  • three sources

Not everyone needs to connect a lot of gadgets. Occasionally, three inputs are sufficient. The Newcare HDMI switch is good, but it has certain limitations. Although it costs less, this switch is best suited for smaller systems and budgets because it has so few inputs (again, on opposing sides, grrr). If that describes you, you won’t struggle with it.

#4 Matrix Switch 4K 60 Hz by Cable Matters

 Matrix Switch 4K 60 Hz by Cable Matters

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Things We Like

  • 2 outputs and 4 inputs
  • 3.5mm (a headphone jack) and optical audio inputs are both available.

Things We Dislike

  • Bad included remote

There aren’t many options available if you need four inputs and two outputs for a multi-monitor configuration. But the one we’d choose is the Cable Matters 4K 60 Hz Matrix Switch. It even supports audio switching and the appropriate protocols. Although it is somewhat specialized, we are happy that it exists.

#5 Orei HD-201P 2 X 1 High Speed

 Orei HD-201P 2 X 1 High Speed

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Things We Like

  • encompassing distant
  • Four possibilities for PiP size

Things We Dislike

  • No auto-off feature
  • can be perplexing
  • not compatible with 4K

The ability to simultaneously view two video streams is one of the most popular uses of an HDMI switcher. We can suggest the Orei HD-201P if PiP capability is a must-have for you but 4K resolution is not.

If you have a home theater setup, you’re good to go because this switcher excels at advanced PiP (again, only in HD and especially the 1080p/1080i formats) and supports a ton of advanced audio formats, including PCM2, 5.1, and 7.1 surround sound, Dolby 5.1, and DTS 5.1. The availability of this specialty product, like those mentioned before, makes us happy.

#6 IOGEAR 8-Port HDMI Switch

 IOGEAR 8-Port HDMI Switch

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Things We Like

  • eight sources
  • a remote control

Things We Dislike

  • Pricey
  • not compatible with 4K

Some professional and home theater setups need more inputs. For the larger systems, this box has eight inputs and a single output.

You will have to deal with 1080p/1080i output if you must have numerous inputs. We’d like to see 4K support for the price, especially in this day and age. However, with only eight inputs, it is essentially the only option (and the only one we recommend).

What You Should Consider when Looking for an HDMI Switcher

Output Clarity

Consumer-level HDMI switchers are at least 1080p capable and Dolby Digital/DTS compliant.

When using a 4K Ultra HD TV and 4K source equipment, the switcher must likewise support 4K. Your HDMI switcher must support HDR-encoded and/or 3D video signals if you need to pass those signals.

HDMI switchers typically include a remote control for more convenient source selection and plug into an AC power source. Some HDMI switchers additionally feature HDMI-CEC, enabling them to switch to the most recently active device’s right input automatically.

Key Elements

All HDMI switchers, as mentioned above, pass standard Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround audio signals, but if you are routing the output of the switcher through a home theater receiver (instead of going directly to the TV), you need to make sure that your HDMI switcher is compatible with advanced audio formats like Dolby TrueHD, Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS:X.

The switcher must also handle the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) or HDCP 2.2 for 4K devices protocols used for the handshake between source devices and the TV or projector. When switching between devices, this is crucial since the handshake will temporarily break until the newly chosen device locks in with a new handshake.

HDMI Dividers

Want to deliver the same HDMI signal to two TVs, a video projector, and a TV but don’t require an HDMI switcher for that? As was already said, if an HDMI switcher with two HDMI outputs is not necessary, an HDMI splitter can be used instead.

Although there are HDMI splitters that can transfer two, three, four, or more signals from a single HDMI source, for most people, two is plenty. For business and commercial applications, splitters with several outputs are typically used when one source needs to be delivered to several TVs or projectors.

There are powered and passive splitters (no power needed). In order to eliminate handshake or signal loss difficulties, powered splitters are recommended. The splitter must also work with any audio and video signals that you might need to pass through. The output for both devices may by default use the lower resolution if one video display device has a lower resolution than the other, just like with a switcher.

Switching Or Splitting HDMI With A Home Theater Receiver

A home theater receiver is an additional choice to take into account that might add more HDMI inputs for TV viewing sources. Four HDMI inputs are typically included in low-cost home theater receivers, but when you pay more, you can find receivers with up to six or eight HDMI inputs and two or three outputs, allowing you to connect to multiple TVs or a TV and a video projector similarly to a splitter.


A HDMI switcher: what is it?

The most widely used audio/video connector is HDMI. TVs, however, might only have one or two HDMI inputs.

There might not be enough HDMI inputs if you need to connect a number of HDMI-equipped source devices to your TV, such as an upscaling DVD/Blu-ray/Ultra HD Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, media streamer, and game console. However, don’t get concerned.

Consider purchasing an external HDMI switcher to make up the difference rather than purchasing a new TV solely to add more HDMI inputs.

Will the image quality suffer if I use an HDMI switcher?

Even with the addition of a switcher, HDMI is a digital transmission and won’t deteriorate in the same manner as earlier analog connections. If you notice a significant decline in signal quality, the cause could be a faulty signal coming from your switcher or a broken cable.

What distinguishes an HDMI switch from an HDMI splitter?

While an HDMI splitter transmits a single signal to many panels, an HDMI switch allows you to choose between inputs sent to a single screen.

Can a 4K signal be sent over an HDMI switch?

Yes, you can transmit a 4K broadcast without any quality loss as long as your HDMI cable and switcher support HDMI 2.0.