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List of The Best Fake Security Cameras in 2023

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The greatest fake security cameras deter burglars while being inexpensive and incredibly simple to install. This buying guide will assist you in selecting the greatest fake CCTV camera and getting the best deal.

You may assume that since we work for Digital Camera World, we would be against security cameras that don’t take pictures. But in the end, criminals are opportunists and choose the simplest course of action. Therefore, dummy cameras, often known as phony CCTV cameras, are effective in deterring them. Additionally, having many cameras on your property, both genuine and false, might give an additional level of deterrence, even if you install a real camera as well (which you might need for insurance purposes).

Continue reading to learn how to choose from the top fake security cameras now available on the market.

# One-Way Dome

 One-Way Dome

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This black dome-style faux camera can be positioned indoors or outdoors, where it will stand out just enough against a white ceiling or porch, striking an ideal balance between discrete and deferent. The only method to turn off the blinking light is by taking the battery in and out; it is inexpensive and not made for those who change their minds frequently. The screw fitting, on the other hand, is simple to twist on and off from your selected spot, which strikes a good balance.

From the perspective of the criminal, it appears convincing, but regrettably, you are unable to position the false camera lens downward; it is fixed at a 45-degree angle. But it shouldn’t be an issue since it will be positioned to mimic wide-angled genuine equivalents. The LED, which, in the first few weeks of its battery cycle, blinks so brightly (every five seconds) that the reflection would ruin the video, if there is one, is the only item that might indicate its falsity.

# AlfaView Faux Bullet CCTV

 AlfaView Faux Bullet CCTV

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When they notice a blinking light, many would-be offenders choose to look elsewhere because they don’t want to take the chance. But for many phony cameras, this is a powered feature that moves them closer to the maintenance requirements and expense of a genuine CCTV camera. A solar panel that can top off the charge of AA batteries, which keep the red LED blinking every three seconds, is a better solution that the AlfaView offers with no discernible trade-off.

Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries must be provided by the user, although at least this will happen less frequently than with other light-blinking solutions. Again, the blinking light is behind the main glass, which is odder here than with a dome, but the false infra-red lights and lens shielding appear to be present and functional.

It is simple to mount on a building’s corner thanks to the bracket and adjustable position so that it won’t be overlooked and yet appears to be watching your preferred location. The fabricated cable line and shielding are believable even under close inspection. The label “Security Camera,” where one might expect a true brand, is maybe the only feature that would cause me to question its veracity.

# Red Light Wali Bullet S30

 Red Light Wali Bullet S30

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With its array of 30 red LEDs, this design is highly effective when it comes to visible deterrent. When you see it at night, you get the impression that someone is watching you in a very obvious way with night vision!

The battery compartment is visible when the top cover slides back. This is then covered by a second, thin piece of plastic that is just there to stop moisture from draining in the incorrect direction.

However, due of the additional lights, standard AA batteries will probably only last a month. Additionally, the branding, like that of so many other cameras in this class, is dubious. Having said that, if the light’s deterring impact can be seen from a distance, who is actually going to investigate the side up close?

# BNT Dome Dummy

 BNT Dome Dummy

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The smart-home indoor security camera(opens in new tab) has recently proliferated throughout many homes, and it stands out from standard security cameras in appearance. Although they still include screw mount options, they are marketed as baby camera monitors that look well at home.

With the kitty-like ears in the “camera” recess and the addition of red LED to give the impression, for example, to your babysitter that you’re checking in via a phone app, that is exactly what is on offer here.

This is a pretty realistic example of LEDs, not unlike my Nest Cam Indoor except in red rather than green. I also doubt anyone would mistake the absence of cabling for anything other than Wi-Fi connectivity. In other words, there is nothing overt about this that would alert trespassers that it is fake.

# Swann Fake Security Camera

 Swann Fake Security Camera

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Concerned that your phony camera’s branding may be discovered? So here’s a very good fix for that. It is nearly impossible to distinguish between this one and the company’s actual operating security cameras because they are both encased in the same design. In addition, the Swann Dummy Security Camera is adaptable, reasonably priced, and can be utilized indoors and outdoors (both up and down, and side to side). However, keep in mind that they don’t have LEDs, so they might not be seen if the location where you’re installing them isn’t already well-lit at night.

# Wansview Smart Eye

 Wansview Smart Eye

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Despite not having the most intimidating designs, it is obvious that this is a security camera and that it has a real wire, so if you only used it as a fake, it would work well. Although you might not be too concerned about image quality if you’re reading this list, it’s good to know that night vision is provided and that while some expensive cameras offer 4K and more, 1080P (2 megapixels) is more than sufficient to check in on occasionally via your phone. The fact that it is real is evident in the build quality, which can survive -10 to 40 C (14-104F).

In order to have recorded footage even if you don’t have a recorder or paid storage service, you can also utilize the camera as a recording point and insert an SD Card. Setup is also quite simple (point a QR code on your phone screen at the camera). Our is deserving of consideration given that it is only marginally more expensive than the knockoffs on this list.

# Imou LOOC

 Imou LOOC

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The SmartEye camera mentioned above offers many of the same clear advantages as this one. Additionally, if you desire, you can subsequently connect to a complete ONVIF protocol system.

The green LED is visible from the unwelcome visitor’s perspective, along with a flood of intense light. The siren may be louder, which would be a drawback. However, if you like to honk or engage in conversation with trespassers as a homeowner, this is still a terrific option since you’ll receive alerts to your phone right away. Of course, it’s also a useful tool for discussing and keeping track of packages with delivery personnel.